So, a couple of Sundays ago at church, one of our pastors spoke on Idolatry.  I’ve been pondering it ever since.  I know it’s not necessarily a new subject or anything.  Most of us don’t have idols made of gold sitting in a shrine in our house.  However, most of us do still have some sort of idol(s) in our lives.  For me, I sat and thought for a while what my idols might be.  He asked a few questions to help us figure out what our idols might be.  The gist of it is, what is your definition of hell?  What are you passionate about?  What is it you can’t live without?  After MUCH consideration, I determined that one of the things I idolize is busyness.  I hate to just be stuck in the house doing the same old thing day after day.  No matter that God may have me in that place for a reason…I will come up with things to do to just keep me busy so that I don’t have to do the dull things (like cleaning!!).  We all have something that fits in as answers to those questions.  I could easily put in television too.  Have you ever thought about what your idols are?  Are you in a spot that you could be REALLY honest with yourself and say what your’s are?  AND that’s only half the battle!  The reality is that once you identify them, you have to come to a place where you do something about it.  To me, that’s the really hard part.  I’ve been working on it this week.  I’ve been turning the tv off more and staying home instead of running all over kingdom come…  It’s hard!  BUT at the same time, I have had so many times of blessing this week with my family that I would have missed out on if we were sitting in the car going wherever or the television was on.  Think hard about it…  God says not to have ANY idols.  What are your’s???


Staring up,