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So, today I was struck by something while sitting with my 11 month old son, Zach.  He LOVES the remote controls.  I’m not sure what it is about them.  Maybe it’s just that he’s a boy and it’s already ingrained in their bodies and minds that they are suppose to like remote controls… Maybe it’s all the buttons…  Whatever it is, he will try and try to get them no matter where I put them if he is able to see them.  Today he was telling me all about it when I moved them out of his reach.  Wow, was he mad at me.  I know I’m suppose to have a little bit of my heartstrings tugged when I see him like that.  But honestly, today it was pretty funny to watch him.  He continued and continued to try to reach those silly things.  He was very persistent!  It made me start to ponder the idea of perserverance when it comes to what we really want.  Do you perservere?  What is it you really want in your life, for your life?  Do you have dreams?  Not while your asleep!  I mean, for your life.  Do you have dreams and do you continue to go after them?  I’m a bit of a dreamer…  I’m completely content with my life, and if this is what God has for me, then I have it pretty good.  BUT I don’t believe that God is done with me yet.  Because of that fact, I don’t think I have to quit dreaming.  I actually believe some of those dreams are from Him.  Now, do I believe that just because I wish I was 6 feet tall and blonde and leggy that will someday become a reality?  Not without a REALLY GOOD doctor! Haha…  But what about the dreams that were stirred in your heart when you were a little girl or boy?  Mine was to be a world class opera singer, director, etc… Anything to be on stage.  The second half of that dream was that I wanted to change people’s lives through whatever I did on the stage.  I put it on hold to have children, etc… but I never let the dream die.  What about your dreams from your childhood?  Are they still in there, burning to come out?  Have you put any thought towards them for a while or have you let them lie dormant?  Yes, life still goes on, and it is busier than ever in this day and age.  We are definitely a fast-paced generation.  Look at this blog… I’m about to get my thoughts out to you in less than 30 seconds!  Does having a family, career, “real life” mean that you have to give up some of those dreams you use to hold?  OR are there new dreams in you that you want to go after?  Perserverance… What does it mean to you in your life?