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I know!!!  You don’t even have to say it!  I’m actually posting again within the same week!!! 🙂  What can I say?  I’m inspired…

Last night, we had a group of outstanding young men and women at our house for a New Year’s Eve party.  I wasn’t really sure if anyone would show up, but turns out that a few did.  Michael and I are on staff with the College ministry at our church called Element.  Our church is Highlands Church.  Check it out at www.highlandschurch.org.  You can check out the Element site from there too but I think the site is www.theelementsite.com.  Anyway, Michael and I really wanted to open up our house for the evening just in case nobody had anything to do or they needed a safe place so that they wouldn’t get into trouble. 😉  If you know me, then you know that I got into my fair share of trouble in High School and College.  At least until Jesus really got a hold of me…or maybe it’s that I finally just got ahold of Him…Hmmmmmm….  So we had about 25 show up.  To say the least, RockBand needs a day of rest now!!  We played our little hearts out at Mafia, ate good food, and I think there was at least one game of Settlers of Catan.  The final group left just before 3:30am!  Believe it or not, even Michael stayed up until then!!  It was so much fun and I was completely in my element (pardon the pun…). 

Tomorrow, Michael and I head to the Element retreat up in Northern Arizona.  I’m so excited about just getting to love on the girls (and go tubing in the snow!!!!). 

So…I tell you all of this why?  It’s not my normal blog posting, right?  I don’t do it to just tell you how great the guys and gals are (although they are…).  I do it to ask you one question…

What are you doing to reach out to others and love on them?  Do you stay in your own little world, your own little bubble?  OR do you step out and love people in real, tangible ways?

I’m sure there will be pics coming up of the night at ANY of these following sites.  We had 4 professional photographers there last night!  My eyes are still seeing spots from the flashes!  Whether you care about the pics from the night or you just love cool photography.  These websites are NOT to be missed.




I’ll post some of my own pics a little later. 

Staring up,