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Okay, so I think I am starting to get the hang of this whole blogging thing.  Apparently, it is more helpful if you do it more than once a month!! 🙂  I have been cleaning the house all day trying to get it ready for a really long weekend without Michael as he travels to Texas to go sort through his Dad’s things and finish getting his affairs in order.  Tomorrow morning, Michael’s small group is coming over for breakfast so I want things to be just so, as well as I have a baby shower here on Sunday afternoon.  Anyway, why am I telling you all of that?  Well…while cleaning, I came upon a HUGE brown spider in our guest room.  Now…I can handle a lot of things really.  I’m pretty daring and not afraid to try much at least once.  One of the things that always gets me though is spiders.  They are just really icky.  I don’t mind snakes, but spiders…I just want them away from me. 

So…today as I’m staring at this spider and wondering what in the world I’m going to do about it (petrified) I am trying to think of any possible way I can get rid of it without actually touching it or even, REALLY, going near it.  For instance, if I just stare at it hard enough…will it blow up???  Of course, then Jack the 4 year old comes in and is asking why Mommy is freaking out.  I turned to him to grab a shoe from him that I had been hollering for, but when I turned around…THE SPIDER WAS GONE!!!  Okay, so I know I seem a little extreme about all of this.  I mean, I know you are thinking, Kelly, it’s just a spider.  You are bigger than it.  I know all of that, really!  What I didn’t know was how I was going to find that spider which had probably crawled behind the even bigger HUGE bookcase with hundreds of books in it (no exxageration there, really!) and not look like a huge idiot to my 4 year old.  So, what did I do?  Well, I called Michael of course!  I shut the guest room door and stuffed the bottom of the door with a towel so that no giant icky spider could crawl out and eat us!! 😉  Until Michael and I (lets be honest…Michael) could find the spider and kill it, all I could think about was that spider.  How was I going to protect myself and my boys from it, and HOW was I going to defeat it??

And then I felt that gentle tugging…NO…it wasn’t Jack the 4 year old or Zach the 1 year old.  It was the Lord.  I started to think about Satan and how he ensnares us.  I started to question my passion.  Am I as passionate about protecting myself and my family from him as I am a spider?  Am I as passionate about defeating him in my day to day life as I am about that stupid spider?  All of a sudden, the spider seemed pretty insignificant.  I thought about how little I had been in prayer today.  Oh… I had prayed, but not about everything…not without ceasing.  I mean, I had been busy with the details of life today, right?  There was a spider on the loose!  Unfortunately, that’s no excuse.

How passionate are you?  Where do your priorities lie? By the way, the spider wasn’t as big as I thought it was once we found it, and killed it of course!

Staring up,