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So nothing life changing really today. Just a funny story about Zach, our 18 month old. I’m on the phone this afternoon with a friend planning a baby shower (the last minute details) I’m helping give at our house this weekend. While on the phone, I realize the house has gotten very quiet. If you’re a mom or dad, then you know, this is NEVER a good sign! The two older boys were having room time reading books for a little while but it was still just WAY too quiet. I turn around towards the stairs, and there is Zach…covered in blue ink! Not the ball point pen kind of blue ink, but the stamp pad that Mommy uses for scrapbooking blue ink! It is all over his hands, legs, face…It is coming down the stairs on the carpet and across the loft upstairs all the way to the office. It is on the beautiful white railings on our staircase. In short, it is EVERYWHERE! Now, I of course had to get off the phone with my friend, who happens to be pregnant with their first. I’m sure this didn’t scare her at all! 🙂 Once off the phone though, I didn’t know what to do first. Do I grab Zach and throw him in the bath and try to get all of the ink off of him, or do I start on the carpet, walls, railings before the blue sets in too much??? I did the only sensible thing I could think of… I called for my 6 year old, Drew! As he came running, so did our 4 year old, Jack, who wanted to know if his services were needed too. I put Zach in the bathtub and put Drew to work scrubbing him down. Oh yes, that was a sight, and Drew ended up just as wet as Zach was. I gave Jack a Clorox wipe and put him to work on the railings (which, by the way, does not apparently get ink off walls and railings), and I started on the carpets. Scrubbing and scrubbing and scrubbing. I finally got the ink out of the carpet (a miracle I feel like. It was everywhere!). I went to get Zach out and he still looked like a blend of the Zach I know and love and a baby smurf! At least it had come off of his face completely. His hands however…well…have you seen Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory? Know the Blueberry girl??? A little like that. But now, Zach wasn’t the only thing blue. So was the bathtub. Let me just say, while Clorox wipes don’t help a bit with this problem, good ole’ SoftScrub with bleach did the job on the tub, railings, etc… My crisis was averted! Although I still have a half-blue little boy. We have pictures being taken on the 14th with Renee Bergmen. I’m PRAYING it is all off of this child by then! 😉

One thing I’m realizing… After yesterday with the spider crisis… all the men in my life keep coming to my rescue. Michael with the spider. Drew and Jack with Zach in the bathtub. This must be why God blessed me with so many boys, to keep me on my toes and to always have little helpers too. They definitely do both! I could go deep with this story, as I tend to do when I think back on things, like asking you if there’s anything you feel stuck on you. Any sin, worry, fear, etc, etc… I think I’ll just leave it as a funny story from my day today though. 🙂

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