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So…I’ve been noticing over the past couple of years a growing trend among people in general.  Maybe it’s not really a growing trend necessarily but has always been there and I just haven’t noticed it.  Anyway, lately, the last couple of years apparently, I have become very aware of it.  What is it?  Selfishness.  We all are selfish at some point or another, aren’t we?  I certainly am and it can come across very nasty, just ask my husband and boys… Unfortunately, sometimes I don’t realize how selfish I am being until I’ve already been selfish and then I have to go and make things right, apologize, etc…  I guess I should be glad that I at least recognize it and can do something about it, right?

But what about those people in your life who really don’t ever seem to recognize it?  Do you have selfish friends?  You know the type…those that love to be invited to the party, or out to dinner, or talk on the phone, etc…as long as it’s you who is doing the inviting, making the plans, or calling them on the phone?  You know, they are your “best friend” when they meet people who know you in passing, yet they don’t ever put forth any effort for the friendship.  A selfish friend, my friend.  I have learned that many people are this way and they don’t even realize it.  They have excuses for being this way I think.  Life gets busy and in the way… I think that’s probably the biggest.  And I can totally understand that.  I mean, life gets busy and in the way for me often.  That being said…aren’t close friendships important to have?  How do we have those and have a family and marriage?  Can you tell this has been plaguing me???  I love people.  I love friendships and parties and dinners out and ALL of those things.  I love my family and life and kids even more of course.  How in the world do you find a balance?  I think because I don’t want to be that “selfish” friend, I tend to work hard not to let friendships go.  BUT in doing that, I tend to be the one that puts in a ton of effort and then feeling totally taken for granted…  How do you avoid that??  Have you put any real thought into this?  Are you a selfish friend?  Who have you been meaning to call lately but time has just gotten away from you? 

We’re all selfish.  It’s very clear to me.  We’re selfish in love and friendships and pretty much anything we can be selfish in…  It’s a trait I hate and one I can’t seem to be rid of myself.  Aarrgghh…

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