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Well, there are definitely some changes happening in the Simmon household.  I thought I would just put it all out there…for a couple of reasons really.  One, We could really use your prayers during this time of transition.  Two, I think it is important to document for all to see just how God works out the details in your life.  Don’t get it wrong.  You make your plans.  We all do that.  But God numbers your steps.  Your plans may or may not happen, but seriously, God does that.  I learned today in church that 2 Chronicles 25, verse 8 says that “God has the power to help or to cast down.”  I know, right?  Ever think of that?  We like to think of God as the Helper, the Forgiver, the God of mercy and love.  He is all of those things!  He is also a God of Wrath and justice.  Just ask King Amaziah in 2 Chronicles 25.  He found out the hard way about God’s wrath and justice.  Jason Fritz did an outstanding job today preaching in service.  Listen to the podcast if you want to hear it.  www.highlandschurch.org

Okay, so I told you there was news.  Most know that Michael is no longer with Chick-fil-A.  He is now working with Sonic (and loving it!) as a partner.  He is already in Texas going through all of his training.  The boys and I are here in Phoenix.  We thought we were going to be here in Phoenix for at least 3 months before we moved to be with Michael, probably more, but this past week everything has changed.  The boys and I are going to be heading out of Phoenix and moving to Tyler, TX in less than a month.  I know…it’s ridiculous how short a time it is really, but it is what  God has for us.  There is absolutely no doubt about that.  God has worked out details so perfectly that you cannot question whose hand is in this situation.  So…the moving truck will be pulling out of Phoenix on August 15th.  We will (hopefully) arrive in Tyler on the 16th.  This is bittersweet of course.  Michael and I love it here in Phoenix.  We love our community and our church, our friends, and our house.  But God is calling us to something else, somewhere else.  I don’t know why He’s taking us there yet, but I know that all we want is to be obedient and shine His light and let Him get ALL the glory.  Which is why I type this now…I want you to see the events that have happened so that you can marvel in how great our God is too.

When Michael left Chick-fil-A, he found a job posting for this position with Sonic.  He sent in his resume and then called to make sure they had received it.  The lady that answered told him to just send his resume on to her and she would get it in the right hands.  Things were a bit crazy there it seemed as the Franchisee and company had just acquired 68 more stores 2 days before.  1-God’s perfect timing is at work.  The process began and Michael was in the midst of interviews.  Within 2 weeks, my Mother, who had moved out here a little over a year ago to be close to us, received a phone call from the company she had left in Texas.  It seemed they had an opening and only wanted her.  What did they need to do to get her back?  She told them she needed them to pay for relocation.  They did even better-paid for relocation, gave her a raise, promotion and change in job title and pay grade.  2-Really God???  You even thought of my Mother in this so that she wouldn’t be left out here by herself after she had come out here to be close to us???  WOW! She leaves in a week and a half.

Michael made it through his first two interviews and they wanted to do the final face-to-face interview, including me in on it.  We flew out to Dallas to have the interview.  While there I decided to try to get together with some friends from college that we hadn’t seen in a while, Kallie and Scott.  When I say a while…I mean, 10 years.  We recently reconnected on Facebook and I was thrilled to get to see them.  We planned dinner for that Sunday night, the night before our interview.  As we sat down and started to catch up over hamburgers and french fries, Michael and Scott are talking about what the job was, the upcoming interview, etc.  When Scott hears it’s with a Sonic Franchisee, he asks who the guy is that we’re interviewing with.  Michael was taken aback but he tells him his name.  Scott filled in the last name, and Michael said he was shocked.  Turns out, Scott and Kallie knew the man we were interviewing, the President of the franchisee’s company.  Scott is a pastor and he officiated the President’s daughter’s wedding!!  3-Really Lord??  What can I even say to that?  You definitely have a sense of humor.  We were laughing so hard over it all that night at dinner.  We haven’t seen each other in 10 years and you orchestrate a reunion at the perfect time.  The interview went great (the President was shocked at our story too) and Michael got the job. 

And now we get to the last couple of weeks-Michael has been at training for 2 weeks.  He loves it and feels rewarded and challenged all at the same time.  I’m hearing a spark in his voice (even though he’s tired) that I haven’t heard in a while.  God is challenging him too.  Challenging us really, to trust Him in all things, even the details.  So, the boys have done pretty well, but they definitely miss their daddy.  They keep saying things like, “It just doesn’t feel like home without Daddy” or “We’re just not complete without Daddy.”  It’s so sweet and sad all at the same time.  But while Michael has been gone, God has provided in that aspect too.  Our community, Element, has stepped up and loved us in ways that I never thought was possible with community in this day and age.  They are truly being God’s hand and feet in our lives.  I’ve had beautiful ladies over here helping to watch the boys or clean the house or just keep me company so that I have some grown-up conversation.  I’ve had wonderful men here doing yard work, playing with the boys, having “man to man” talks with the boys about behavior, etc.  4-Okay, God.  You’re going to use 20-somethings to minister to me?  Isn’t that backwards?  I mean, that’s our ministry…Young Adults.  We minister to them…No.  God has used this time to remind me that no matter how old you are or where you are in life, you can make a difference and be the salt and the light.  Thank you Element.  I love you and am going to miss you so much.  You guys have a part of Michael’s and my hearts, and the boys’ for that matter.  You always have a place in Texas to come visit.  We expect to see you regularly. 🙂

And I’m not done!!  Last week, the opportunity arose for the boys and I to move out to Tyler to be with Michael early.  With that opportunity, though, comes much stress on my part.  I’m not sure why I allow that to happen after I have already seen God working out so many details in ways only He can do, but I did.  And I still do to be honest.  I have to hourly remind myself to sit back and let God work.  He’s doing something only He can do.  There are a lot of things that need to happen in the next month.  One of the things happened today though.  God provided a renter for our house here in just 2 days.  Another family, who is being transferred here for his job and is coming cross-country.  They have all boys too.  Appropriate don’t you think? 😉  There are still more things that have to be worked out.  WE have to find a place to live in Tyler.  I have to get the house packed up and ready to go.  Michael will arrive back in Phoenix on August 13th so that we can pack up the moving truck on the 14th and pull out on the 15th (Anyone want to help…call, text, facebook, whatever! The answer will be yes!! haha).  But I am confident in this…”He who began a good work in me will bring it to completion at day of Jesus Christ” (Philippians 1:6).  This story is not over yet.  It is just the start of another chapter in our lives.  To God be the Glory forever and ever, Amen.  You are loved, and He holds you in the palm of His hand.  Rest in the fact that He knows the details of your life too.

Staring Up,