Well, my last posting was on July 20th.  I apologize for the lapse, but things have been a little busy around here.  Since we were last together here on Musings, the boys and I have left Phoenix and moved to Tyler.  We have been here 5 1/2 weeks now.  And during the past 2 months, God continued to work out the details in front of us.  The last time I wrote, we still didn’t have a place to live for instance.  Well, we are obviously living somewhere so He obviously provided that, but He did it in a way that again showed He was in control.  I had been looking for a house to rent here in Tyler in every possible way I could.  I found a house that I really loved (at least by the pictures online) and called on it only to be told that another family was coming that night for a second showing and going to put a deposit on it.  I was disappointed.  None of the other houses that were even out there for rent were big enough for a family of 5 but I was getting desperate.  I found an older home that I figured would do (it’s only a year lease, right???) and we were about to put an offer on it, but the owners have a policy to meet all of their renters face to face before accepting them.  This was difficult with me in Phoenix and Michael 5 hours away in Huntsville, TX, but he was going to drive up and make it happen.  I was extremely frustrated to say the least.  2 hours after we found that out, Michael received a call from the guy who owned the house I really wanted.  It hadn’t worked out with the first family and he only wanted us as his renters.  He even waived the pet rent!!  That is just one example of how God has continued to go before us and make a way.

Now that we are here, we are just trying to get settled in.  The house is finished being set up.  I even finished getting fall decorations up today, but when you don’t know many people…you have a lot of time on your hands to do that kind of stuff!  Michael and I think we may have found a church home.  We are continuing to visit it and starting to get plugged in to a couple of areas to make sure before we commit fully though.  It is called Bethel Bible and seems to be really great.  You can check it out at www.bethelbible.com.  Their children’s program is AH-MAZING!!!  I’ve seriously never seen anything like it.  They use curriculum from www.myfirstlook.org from the nursery age up.  Again…AH-MAZING!!!  We’re going to a small group meeting this Sunday for the first time and are excited about that.  I have joined the women’s bible study that meets every Tuesday morning there.  They are doing a study called the Amazing Collection and I love it!  We do a book of the bible each week.  This week we are on Leviticus (I started 2 weeks late so it’s my first week).  I guess you should be expecting much of what I write about to come from my studies in that since it is a little intense.  I like intense though so it’s right up my alley. 🙂  I’m excited about having the opportunity to meet new people and start to develop some friendships here though too.  It has been pretty lonely for me.  I’m really missing the Highlands and Element community that we left back in Phoenix. 

One of the things I have realized about church in this day and age is the aspect of community.  REALLY… I mean, with technology the way it is today, you really can hear great preaching or fantastic worship anywhere.  You don’t have to go to church to get either of those things anymore.  Thanks to podcasts and iTunes we can be set in those areas no matter where we are or what we’re doing.  Many of us drive, exercise, drink a latte, etc while listening to them.  Today, I think what keeps us meeting together under one roof (besides being told it’s the thing to do in the bible…) is the sense of community.  I’ve talked to quite a few people who go to churches where they wish the preaching were different and the worship better, and they’ve gone to visit other churches where that is the case, but they go back or stay at the first church because of their ties to the community there.  I don’t have any particular notes to make on this subject really except that it has really been on my heart and mind since the move.  Maybe you have more insight in to this…I would love to hear it so please comment.

One of the things I’m learning so far in Leviticus is all about the sacrifices the Israelites had to perform.  There were several kinds of them and they entailed quite a bit.  I’m so grateful that we don’t have to do all of that now.  SOOO grateful that Jesus Christ laid himself down for us in order to take away our sins.  Did you know that Hebrews goes right along with Leviticus?  You can’t really understand Hebrews and the context of it all unless you really understand Leviticus.  These are the kinds of things I love to learn, and when I learn them, I realize how little I really know!!  I challenge you to read Leviticus 16 and think about the parallel of the goat they let go into the wilderness and Christ taking our sins so that we can be free.  Oohhh…it’s good stuff!! 

So I know this posting was kind of all over the place but I felt like I needed to just kind of update you and get back in the swing of things.  It’s nice to be doing something “normal” again.  Please be praying for this Sunday night as we go to the small group meeting.  I’m anxious to get back serving somewhere.  I miss leading worship and loving on young adults!!  Dig deep my friends…

Staring up,