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So I feel like I say this every time I post something. I know it’s been a long time. If I’m honest, I just haven’t felt like writing or anything and sharing my feelings in the past few months. The silence was definitely planned as my heart was not ready to acknowledge the changes that have now taken place in my life and our family. I never thought as a Texas I would ever say that home felt like somewhere else, but Phoenix truly did become that for us. The idea of leaving it stripped away something from me and then the actual act of moving put me in a spiral of emotions I didn’t know how to articulate or really even acknowledge fully to myself.
But this weekend I came back to Phoenix by myself hoping to leave with a lighter heart and some idea of why, some answers to that dreaded why question that all of us seem to ask at times. I am leaving with my heart full but also much lighter-and ready. Ready to face this next phase of our lives. Ready to put down some roots again in Texas, and ready to be a light to the college students of Tyler, Texas.
Thank you my sweet Element community for welcoming me back with wide open arms. We miss you and we love you every day, but we are ready to pass your legacy of love on to others who need to hear it and know it. You are an amazing community and totally rock! I am so happy to see what god is doing in you and through you. Keep His light shining, and somebody throw a party every once in a while at their home for me!!! I will teach Settlers and Nertz to every one I can while speaking truth into them. I promise! 🙂
So, now, I am sitting in the airport pondering the past 6 days and praising God for how He has changed my heart. For the first time since April, I am looking ahead with anticipation and great joy for what is ahead. He has brought us to Tyler for a reason, and as much as I hate to admit that it has taken me this long to start to get on board, I feel ready. I guess ready might be the key word for this posting. I am thankful for Phoenix and how we learned as a family what our niche in ministry is while there (COLLEGE!!) and how we learned to be vulnerable, real, loving, and speakers of truth. I urge you to evaluate your role in your community and take inventory. Then get out there and go. Don’t be like me. Don’t wait. Don’t waffle. Don’t delay or grumble or be anxious..you get the idea. I love you friends. Now…

Staring Up,