So, I have decided to take up running. I know!! I think it’s pretty crazy too, but I need to do something healthy and I really like the challenge that this seems to have for me. So, I thought I would record my progress, thoughts, etc while I am going through this process for you to read. You’ll either laugh at me (with me??) or find inspiration from this I hope. The reality is…I’m just a normal chubby gal who really doesn’t like to run. I enjoy lifting weights but the cardio…well…we have a love/hate relationship. About the same as I do with food. I have put a mission, or a challenge, in front of me and I am out to crush it. A half-marathon. Does it seem crazy to you too? Some friends of mine, who are runners, are going in October to do a marathon in New Braunfels. All proceeds go towards orphans and adoption. My goal is to run the half-marathon there. October. It seems so far away but there can be no procrastination for this task. So, I will keep you updated on how it goes and maybe how my life changes while I run. I’m hoping that it changes physically yes, but that there is something more that happens while I do it too. You can keep track on the running page attached to this blog. You’ll find it on the right hand side. Anyway, wish me luck!

Staring up,