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If you know me well, then you know one of my favorite things to do is have people over and feed them.  Big party, small get together, friend to friend…I don’t really care as long as I am getting to celebrate life with others (and feed them!) and love on them.  So this is an area of my life that I have always felt pretty good about myself in.  I mean, I’ve always enjoyed thinking of myself as the Hostess with the Mostest in a sense.  But this week, that started to change a bit.

God decided to open up my eyes to an area of hospitality that I honestly hadn’t given that much thought to.  It kind of rocked my world completely.  I enjoy pampering and feeding and all of those hospitable things to others.  Not really a bad thing when you put it that way, right?  But…am I doing all of those things for my family?  Do I roll out the red carpet for others but for my family, they get the short end of the stick so to say?  They see “tired Mommy” or “it’s sandwiches for dinner Mommy” or whatever, but not the best, most hospitable Mommy they could have.  I know some of that is just the reality of being family and living together 24/7, but lately I’ve been convicted of it more and more.  If someone was coming over to just hang out for a couple of hours, I would make sure there was tea brewed or lemonade made and a platter of cut-up veggies on the counter, but for my own family…I don’t know if I always go out of my way in that manner.  I have been tossing and playing with the idea that my family is who I should be the most hospitable to really.  They are who God put in my lives on a daily basis.  They are my family, but they aren’t MINE.  They are the Lord’s just like the visitors are that come to our home.  Shouldn’t I be going out of my way to treat them in the same way as I would anyone else that walked across our threshold? 

I don’t have all the answers to this.  Like I said, God is working in me and on me in this area.  I’m learning more about it every day.  I want to be a Mommy that serves her family in the same way that I serve those visitors.  I want to be my family’s Hostess with the Mostest even more than I want to be your’s I think.  I have some serious work ahead of me for the changes to take place that need to take place.  It’s going to be a growing experience for sure I think.

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