Well, I have had plenty of things to say but absolutely no time to say it! It is definitely true still but I wanted to take a moment to let you know about an exciting new (and really old) adventure and journey that I am going on. As I work towards getting my children’s book (yes, I wrote & finished a book!) published, I will be writing a new segment called “The Adventures of an Aspiring Author” for a wonderful literary blog called bookshelfbanter.com . Bookshelfbanter.com is a wonderful website that can give you great book reviews, new release dates, interviews with your favorite authors, and now…my journey! The first installment of the segment hit tonight and I would love for you to follow along. You can read it at http://bookshelfbanter.com/2011/04/03/the-adventures-of-an-aspiring-author/

Staring Up,