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Christmas is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite, holidays. But, as I’ve gotten older, Easter has begun to mean more and more to me. I’ve always known the true meaning of Easter. Bunnies and baskets have always been secondary in my family. Easter is and has always been about Jesus. I’ve always been grateful for Jesus dying on the cross. He changed my life thoroughly and completely. I am different because of Him. Now, when I think of Easter, when I celebrate it, it is a sense of awe that fills me. A sense of wonder. He KNEW! He woke up that morning knowing what his day would bring. He knew there would be a day filled with pain, embarrassment and death. He knew, and yet, he went through with it. He walked that road and was hung on a cross to die because He loved me so much. He loved you so much! He still loves me and you that much. So yes, wonder and awe and thankfulness…and a deep love…is what I feel today. It fills me to my toes. I hope and pray you know Jesus. May you be filled with wonder and awe today.

Staring Up,