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Well, this does seem to be the craziest time of my year. Even as I say that, though, I know December was crazier. Isn’t it funny how the season we’re in at the moment is the most important to us at times? I had completely forgotten about the craziness of December until I typed that sentence. All of that aside, it is very out of control right now. I’m in the last couple of weeks of teaching before school’s out for summer, I’ve been writing a ton of curriculum, my choir’s getting ready for their spring concert, I’m getting ready to take New York by storm (haha), and I’m still being a wife and mom to boot. And of course, since I’m trying to be awesome at everything, I pretty much feel like everything is suffering! I know it’s not, but I feel that way.

Michael went to Phoenix this weekend to be in the wedding of two of our lovely Element friends. It was hard not to be there with them all. Jason and Nicole, we love you so much and are praying continued blessings on you and your marriage. Love each other and give it all to God.
It was so much fun to hear all of Michael’s stories. It seems everyone is growing up! His eyes were shining as he described each person and what they are doing in their life right now. I’m so proud of all of my Element family. I wish I could throw you a party right now!

The New York trip is going well. You can see and read all about it at this link http://bookshelfbanter.com/2011/05/08/the-adventures-of-an-aspiring-author-3/ . As of today, Kallie and I leave in 14 days. 2 weeks! It’s so exciting and scary all at the same time! As of right now, I’ve heard back from some people who are interested in meeting with me and hearing about my book. I guess we’ll see what happens… I’m really just resting in God and saying Your will be done while I go through each step. If you want to pray, please pray that I get everything finished before I go that I need to get done.

That’s it for me! It’s Mother’s Day so Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

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