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Okay, so I came across this wonderful blog by Deana Barnhart. It struck me how creative some of these writers/bloggers/authors are in the new writing community I have become a part. Everyday they keep me motivated, focused, and writing. So, of course, I couldn’t turn down the opportunity to join her 4 weeks of BlogFest, and the chance to win one of her amazing prizes. That being said, this week is all about ask a question you really want to know the answer to. There are quite a few questions I have, but I will think I will choose the one that has been plaguing me for a little while now.

QUESTION: I have been thinking a lot about getting a critiquing partner. Although I have been writing for years, it is just in the last six months that I have decided to move from hobbyist writer (someday I might try to get published…) to career writer (this is it-I will get published if it kills me). I see a lot of people have critiquing partners, and I want one. How do you go about finding a critiquing partner?

Thank you to Deana Barnhart for leading this super fun shindig! I am excited to learn more and build my writing community even further!

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