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It seems lately that my mind has not been able to stop coming up with writing ideas! I am in the process of finishing children’s book #2 (oh…I love it!), but after that there are 3 more that have already come to me. Then, there are 2 YA novels I have been mapping out in my mind. One of them I have already begun to write. And while I am so excited about it, this novel that I have begun, I am a bit petrified as well. There are emotions and thoughts that I am making my Main Character explore and feel that are scary. Sometimes, when you write, you are forced to explore those same emotions you are asking your MCs to explore. It can be a bit overwhelming. But I digress…
With what seems to be a deluge (I love that word) of ideas, I’m wondering how other writers decide which project to tackle first? Do you work on several projects at one time or do you focus on one at a time? I keep an idea notepad in my purse so I can write down inspiration as it hits. What do you do?
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