So, tomorrow I am joining with many other authors, writers, and bloggers to create a wonderful (and probably highly humorous) story. We have each signed up for a specific time and will be responsible for writing one part of the story. Now, there is one writer assigned to begin the story, and then the next person will continue, etc, etc.  I am not until 7PM Eastern time so I have quite awhile to wait until it gets to my part, but I am very excited about his collaboration. If you would like to follow along throughout the day, you can go to Deana Barnhart’s blog and see the list of blogs to visit and in what order to visit them. Or you can visit her blog on Friday and see the final story that we create! One more thing about this adventure is that each writer is given something specific to do in their part (100-1000 words for each writer) and three words that they have to use.  Yes, this is going to be fun and funny! A special thanks to Deana for putting this together. She is all kinds of great.

Staring Up,