Yesterday I told you all about the continuing story chain I would be participating in with other wonderful writers and authors from all over the globe. It has been a ball to go to each website (and I have gone to every one so far) and see what they are each writing. You can tell some have been reading from the very beginning and some have just read the post or two right before their’s. It is so much fun to see how the creative juices flow in each person and read their portions. Each writer is definitely unique, and it is a joy to get to take part in it. Now, my assignment is the following:

Take the last two posts dealing with crisis and bring the crisis to an end. I have to use the words strapped, knee, and kill.

No sweat, right?! 🙂 So, if you would like to read the story from the very beginning, you should check out Nata’s blog. She seriously started this story last night! It was then picked up this morning at 5AM Eastern time and has been continued all day. Amazing, right? If you would like to just see what was posted right before me, then go to An Alleged Author’s site and see what she had to say. Deana Barnhart will be posting the entire story on her site on Friday so you can go there to see the finished story. Special thanks to her because this would not be possible without her! She put it together and organized it beautifully! Thanks Deana!! Believe it or not, authors will be continuing this chain until 8am Eastern time tomorrow morning. I have told you before what how fantastic the writing community is that I am coming to know better. This has been one more indication of that fact. And now…I continue

The Rocky Tale of Dio Franklin

Dio’s jaw dropped as she looked down into the canyon. Rising to the surface were three fairies dressed in gowns of gold. Each gown seemed to move on its own accord. There was no wind. The whole world seemed to be holding its breath. As they rose and came closer to Dio and Roddern, she realized the gowns were moving. Each gown was made of tiny wings which fluttered and shimmered, like butterflies sprinkled with glitter.

What in the world was happening? Dio had to shake her head clear. As she opened her mouth to speak, the faerie in the middle began speaking in a slow and sonorous tone. “Dioptase Jaylin Franklin, you have asked to speak with the High Council, am I correct?”

Glancing over a Roddern, Dio noticed him give a slight nod of his head, almost imperceptible. “Yes, your Grace. I would like to speak to you regarding my parents. They are in grave danger I fear, and I know you are the only ones who can help me. Please, have mercy on me and my companion and grant us our request.”

“Your parents,” the faerie on the left, definitely the largest of the three, sneered as he spoke. “Do you recognize this person?” He raised his hands slowly together, pushing up towards the sky. As he did, a black cage began to rise from the crevices of the cavern. Something was moving on the floor of the cage, writhing, as if it were in pain.

Dio gasped as she realized her mother was contained in the cage. “Mother!” She took a step forward, but Roddern grabbed her arm.

“Yes, dear girl, we have your mother. We are willing to negotiate for her release, of course. But the price will be a heavy one.” The faerie in the middle spoke again, this time with a hint of anticipation in her voice.

“What do you want?” Dio’s whole body was beginning to shake. She clenched her hands open and closed over and over to try to ground herself.

The third faerie spoke faintly. “We require the blood of your one true love.” Lifting her hand, she showed a steaming chalice to Dio and Roddern. Dio took a deep breath; she knew that it was Roddern she would have to sacrifice.

“Just do it, Dio.” Roddern glanced deeply into her eyes. He reached down and freed the knife he had strapped to his knee and placed it into Dio’s hand. His touch made her hand light with fire and he allowed it to linger for just a second longer. “Remember, I will find you again Dio.”

Dio braced herself, leapt forward for the kill, and plunged the knife into Roddern’s heart. As she felt Roddern’s sticky, warm blood trickle down the palm of her hand, the place he had just touched, the door of the cage burst open. Her mother fell at her feet just as Roddern did the same.

Okay, I hope you enjoyed my portion of the story…Nothing like shaking it up a bit! For the next part go visit Stephanie’s site!

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