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For the past two weeks, I have been involved in a wonderful blogfest. Deana Barnhart has been doing a phenonmenal job overseeing the entire month of exciting activities. That woman has some outstanding ideas! If you are about to start the querying process to agents and/or publishers, this just might be the week for you to join us. Get on over to her site and take part!

This week is all about the querying, so I am posting the query that is our at a couple of places already. I am planning on actively starting to query this children’s book by the end of the month so any help is greatly appreciated. I can’t wait to hear everyone’s advice! Thanks in advance!

Staring Up,


Date: July 15, 2011

Subject: Manuscript Submission Request

Status: A Completed Project

There is one thing Bella Bovine wants more than anything. She desperately wants a shiny, new cowbell even though she has not yet come of age to receive one. When her parents finally give in, with the one condition that she cannot remove it, Bella is faced with the many challenges that come with acquiring her beautiful bell. In the end, Bella comes to the realization that her parents want what’s best for her, and there is a time for  everything in our lives.

“Bella the Cow Who Wants Things Now” is a four-page, double-spaced Early Reader Picture Book with 1,067 words that focuses on the chocolate brown bovine, Bella, who has to learn a lesson in patience. Geared for children ages 5-8 and families with young children, I believe this book to be a poignant expression of what we all must learn as we grow up, sometimes waiting is best.

A mother of three and an educator for the past thirteen years, I also have a background in marketing and publicity. I am including a letter S.A.S.E., but there is no need to return the manuscript. Thank you for your time, and I look forward to hearing from you,

Kelly P. Simmon


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Well, this week was better than the last in getting my 500 words a day on one of my WIPs. Making the switch from one to the other was definitely the best thing to do. I am now focusing on the dystopia novel as far as my YA novels go. I am kind of in love with the thoughts in my head and desperately hoping it is getting on the page correctly, in the same manner that I am hearing it there. The children’s picture book I am working on is almost finished as a 1st draft and ready to go through revisions and expansion-which is how I work best. I’m hoping this coming week will be even better with me not missing any days of getting my words in. I missed one this past week. I’d been working on a contract writing job I have and I had deadlines this week with it, so my writing time was split a bit. Anyway, that’s where I’m at for this past week and this coming week!

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