It is the final week for Deana Barnhart’s Get an Agent Blogfest and I could not be more excited. This week, we are supposed to put the first 200 words on our blog for other writers to see. We will then submit it in for a contest and a chance to put it before an amazing agent, Kathleen Rushal of Marsal Lyon Literary Agency and a writer with an agent already, Monica B.W. She is represented by Michelle Wolfson of Wolfson Literary. One of the things I’ve noticed throughout this blogfest is the fact that most of the writers seem to be writing Young Adult or Middle Grade novels. While I am working on a Young Adult dystopia novel, my finished manuscript is a children’s early reader picture book that I am currently in the querying process with. It has gone in front of my critique group and more, and I feel like it is ready to go! I don’t know if doing a picture book will hurt me or help me in this competition, but I am hoping it will help me stand apart a bit. Anyway, I hope you love Bella as much as I do!

Staring Up,


Bella the Cow Who Wants Things Now

“Please, Mom…,” Bella begged. “Please let me have one…”

“Bella,” her mother answered. “Your father and I have already answered this question…”

“But Mom, Sara Beth has one, and she looks so pretty with her new, shiny cowbell. I want to have one too.”

“Bella, darling, you are too young for a cowbell. Your father and I have explained why to you dozens of times. Sara Beth is older than you by two years, and her neck is stronger. Your neck is not strong enough yet,” her mother replied.

“It IS strong enough! I know I can handle it!” Bella replied a little more strongly than she intended to her mother, but she was feeling completely annoyed. How was she going to make her mother understand her want, no, her NEED, for a beautiful cowbell?

Mother Bovine sighed and said, “I will talk to your father about it one more time, but this will be the LAST time, Bella. Whatever he says is final. Do you understand?”

“Yes! Thanks Mother!”

The next afternoon, Mother and Papa Bovine sat Bella down for a heart-to-heart talk in her stall. Papa looked very serious as he addressed Bella.