Yes, I know these results were supposed to already be up. I am a teacher and this is my first week back at school. I thought I had planned this correctly, but apparently-I was wrong. So, my apologies to those that have been waiting! BUT-we have our winners!!

First place goes to Emily for her adorable short story! Here it is if you want to read it:

An App for That
“I have an app for that,” Mark said.
Pike shook his head as Mark pulled out his phone. Once again he’d splurged on the latest model. Pike had used the same phone for three years and it had been his older brother’s three years before that. He cast a bored glance at Mark who dragged and poked at his screen with a finger. Pike sighed and turned his attention back to the street signs and the buildings.
“Give me a sec,” Mark drawled out the last word. “Here we go. The closest bookstore is on Lex—”
“There’s one right there,” Pike said, pointing across the street.
Mark’s head snapped around to see what Pike was looking at. His mouth turned down as  he looked down at his phone.
“Ah but you see, the one I found is larger and a chain. We don’t even know if this store will have the book you’re looking for.”
“I’m willing to risk it,” Pike said and headed across the street, dodging traffic.
He heard Mark curse and run after him. The bookstore smelled of paper and a hint of dust. It smelled like home. He slowly walked up and down the dozen or so shelves, letting his fingers trail along the spines as he read them. Mark followed.
“You realize that I already have most of these books on my phone. I have an app that turns it into an e-reader. Plus the electronic books cost less.”
“Really? How much did your phone cost you? And how much does the internet cost you? Plus purchasing the file? I’ll take my hard copy thank you.”
“I don’t have to trek all the way to the bookstore to get them,” Mark said.
Pike shook his head and continued scanning the spines. He pulled a few books off the shelf and then headed back up to the counter. He nodded his thanks to the clerk. She smiled at the choices and when she looked at the last one let out a little gasp of breath.
“Did you know that he’s coming here, in about fifteen minutes?” She waved to a sign and both Pike and Mark turned.
“This is totally awesome,” Mark trilled. “I love his books. We have to stick around so I can get his autograph.”
Pike picked up his purchases and a grin split his face. “So do you have an app for that? Or are you just going to have him sign your phone?”

I was laughing so hard when I read it Emily! Great job! I have sent you an email with instructions.

The other two winners are…

Stefanie Painter and Ellen Zschunke! If you two lovely ladies will email me at with your mailing address, then I will stick your books in the mail ASAP!

Thank you so much for everyone who participated, tweeted, and retweeted about the contest!

Staring Up,