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Well, a phenonmenon has hit my internet world, and I’m willing to bet it has hit your’s too. If it hasn’t hit yet, just wait. It will. This phenonmenon is called Pinterest.com and I am in love with it. I don’t have any idea who invented it, but whoever it is, is brilliant! I have found so many good ideas on this website. Once of the great things you can do, besides stealing your friends’ ideas and pinning them on your own boards, is find things on the internet and pin those ideas on your boards too. It is a spot for you to keep all of your favorite ideas that you find on the web in one spot, instead of forgetting it all! Brilliant, right?? I was not kidding when I said it!

So, this Christmas I wanted to do something for Michael that would be special, fun and quirky-in short, I wanted to give him something that would remind him of me. 🙂 So, I saw on pinterest one day this canvas in black and white. It had a saying about him being a fish in the sea. I didn’t love the saying or the bare canvas it was on, but I did love the idea, so I modified it completely. We are in the process of changing our bedroom to grey, yellow and white. I decided I would make him our first piece of artwork for our new room using this same idea. I took a large canvas and painted it light grey. Then, I painted yellow fish scattered across the canvas in two different sizes. Here is what it looked like in process:

After the color was all done (I did about 3 coats of each color), I then wrote in black paint my saying. “Of all the fish in the sea, You’re still the only 1 for me.” I think it came out so cute. My writing desk/area is in our master bedroom instead of our office because it is quieter in there, so we are going to hang it over my writing desk/area. Our bed faces it and I love the quirkiness it adds to our room as well as reminding both of us that we were made for each other. 🙂 Listen, people, I had to kiss a bunch of frogs to find my prince (sorry if you are a frog reading this!!). Here’s the finished project!

If you haven’t checked out pinterest yet, go now. You won’t be disappointed!

Staring Up,