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You can tell that most of my musicals for the year at school are done, and I have been on school break because I’ve been able to blog more often as well as get some projects finished that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile! It’s been a grand 2 weeks while I’ve been on break and at home with my family. I return back to school on Monday. While I’m a little sad to be going back to work (I love being home!), I am excited to get back into the classroom. I only have 1 more musical to go this year so my time should be freed up quite a bit more. This should allow me time to get back on a running schedule (can I get a Hallelujah??), finish some more projects, and write some more on my novel and the picture book I’m working on. BUT-None of that is why I am actually writing today!

Awhile back, my family went to my two oldest creatures’ school for their annual auction. It was full of wonderful deals and beautiful items, as well as crafts made by each class. One of the things for sale there I later found out had been on Pinterest.com. Yes, Pinterest strikes again! When I saw it, I fell in love with it. I didn’t want to buy it, though, because I knew I could make it easily-and I had already reached my maximum bids on other items to be honest! So…I took a picture of it in preparation to steal the idea of course!! You can see the picture I took above…

So, once I pulled out all of my old Christmas papers from my scrapbooking days, and bought a couple more that I liked, I was pretty much ready to go. I bought two canvases big enough fit the scale of my dining room wall. I am in the process of changing my social living areas in my house to turquoise and red (for the most part), so I decided to go ahead and make these canvases colors to go with that scheme. I painted each canvas a terrific turquoise color. It took me 2-3 coats of turquoise acrylic paint to get the smoothness of the color I wanted.

While the canvases were drying, I began the paper cutting and rolling part of the project. You will need to take your 12×12 scrapbooking paper and cut it into 2 1/2 inch strips. My bottom row of paper was 12 inches long. I curled it around 3 crayola markers stuck together (whatever works, right??) and hot glued the paper together. Then, I hot glued the rolled paper to the canvas about 2-3 inches from the bottom, centered. With each new strip of paper, I would cut off a 1/2 inch from one end and do the rolling and gluing process again. I continued doing this until the last piece was small and perfect for the top of the tree. To help with the exactness of my cutting, I used my wonderful scrapbooking paper cutter. These cutters are perfect for any type of paper projects you might have going on. They have rulers attached to them and you cut with just a swipe of a little blade. They are great helpers to have on hand. I had bought glittered circles and stars from the scrapbooking section of Michaels to add to the tree in order to look like ornaments. Once I was finished, I used brown paint to make the tree base. Using the pointy end of the paintbrush, I placed dots around the tree base in a complementary color. And Done! The tree canvas was finished! I made two of them and placed them on my dining room wall where I already had some everyday artwork hanging. I just replaced the everyday artwork for the season, but I left my crosses. In our family, it’s important to remember why we celebrate Christmas to begin with-Jesus Christ-so I felt like the crosses between the trees were fitting. Here are the finished pictures for you to see!

One of my turquoise tree canvases up close

Canvases in Dining Room with Crosses

These cute canvases were so easy to make and were a great pop of color and Christmas spirit in my dining room. I hope this inspires you to do something creative today!

Staring Up,