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When my friend asked for card display ideas on Facebook the other day, it got me thinking. How was I going to display the Christmas cards we received?? Yes, I know I could use the clothesline idea I suggested to her, but mine is hidden away in our office/music room. No one would see the cards when they came over. I really wanted them to be in one of our social living spaces. I use to have a gold tree you could stick cards into, but it really drove me crazy. First, it wasn’t big enough for all of the cards. Second, the cards would fall down constantly at the base of the tree. Eventually, I would give up putting them back on the tree and would have a puddle of cards instead of what I had originally envisioned. It was annoying! So…I went to thinking on what we could do in this house.

When we lived in Scottsdale, I had an extremely creative friend named Katie. Seriously, she was off the wall talented. I wish you could have seen her house (well, some of you have probably…) but I was always in awe of how she put things together. There was a sophisticated quirkiness about her style that I always loved. She is also an amazing artist. Just look at this painting she did! It sits on our mantle over our fireplace and I LOVE it!

My favorite painting by my friend Katie

Anyway, my friend Katie, and another friend Tiffany, use to hang their pictures around the archways and doorways in their house, usually near their entryway. I loved the way this looked and I do have a great archway just as you enter our house. But-the sides to the archway aren’t even so it wouldn’t have worked very well.  As I looked around trying to decide what I could do, my eyes fell onto our chairrail in our dining room. I decided I would use the chairrail almost like a frame ledge and put the cards along the chairrail. Using just some tape and the wall, I had discovered my Christmas card display area in this house! It added so much fun character to the dining room. We use the dining room so much during the holidays that it served as a fun reminder of all our loved ones each time we were in there. It was also fun for our friends and family to see their card displayed in such a prominent way. Here’s how it looked:

So, for this house at least, we know what to do with our Christmas cards. It’s just another way this house, and Tyler, are starting to feel like home. Yes, I know I just said Tyler is starting to feel like home…it sounds strange even to me. 🙂 It’s probably about time…we’re working on our 3rd year living here!

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