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Clothesline Picture Display

A couple of weeks before Christmas, I had a friend ask for ideas on how to display Christmas cards when she was on Facebook. She wanted a creative way to display them. I suggested a clothesline idea that I use for pictures throughout the year in our office. I thought it was something she could use to display her cards during the Christmas season and then use throughout the year displaying pictures. It’s a super easy and cute way to display pictures all at one time without having to fuss with frames so I thought I would share it with you. We all know that we have tons of pictures on our computer or sitting in boxes that we never display because we just don’t have a frame for them, or we don’t want to take the time to change them out. My…we are lazy creatures, aren’t we?? 🙂 I tend to be picture heavy in my house. I would rather have pictures of my friends and family around my house than specific artwork. Because of this, I have run out of room on my tables for frames. Seriously, if I added more without taking some away it would look obnoxious and cluttered. I hate clutter. So, I made a clothesline picture hanger to stand in for art in our office/music room. It’s simple and easy to make.

First, go to your local hardware store and buy a couple of cabinet/drawer knobs. Any style that fits your fancy will do. I chose a simple one at the time I did this. However, I am in the process of changing my house over completely so this will probably change in the next couple of months. As will the line I am using for this idea. Here’s the knob I chose:

Drawer pull in wall

While at the hardware store, buy the correct screws in order to screw the knob into the wall. You can replace the screws that come with the knob for pointy ones that will go directly into the wall. This will save you from having to predrill a hole, etc. I found them in a little bag in the screw section. Once I had my knobs screwed into the wall, then I took twine and tied it around the knobs, stringing it between the two. Next, I took my pictures and attached them to the twine with clothespins. It’s really that simple! Here’s what my extremely simple version looks like right now:

Simple version of this clothesline idea

Now, I know there are a ton of creative types out there that can and will jazz this idea up. You might want to use a fun ribbon instead of twine or use some fantastic antique knobs. I’m planning on finding some fun and quirky white and red knobs to change mine out with once I get to the office. My bedroom honestly has to get finished first. Also, you could add buttons to your clothespins or fabric flowers or both! You might want to try using jazzed up bobby pins instead of clothespins. Whatever your fancy or style, I hope this has helped you think about different ways you can surround yourself with your loved ones in your favorites places and spaces.

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