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Yesterday, my Twitter Feed was blown up with people commenting on Rush Limbaugh and the fiasco that has been going on. Unfortunately, there were comments about those “crazy conservatives” and “people who still live in the Bible times” too. There are things I want to say about so many different things, but I’m not sure how to say some of it correctly. My Momma always said to keep my mouth shut on those subjects until I had thought it through, so I will leave those things for another time. Maybe.

What I will spend some time on is this. A plea. A cry out to the world. Please. PLEASE don’t judge all of us who claim to be conservatives by the crazy ones. The ones like Rush Limbaugh. It’s embarrassing to me, and mind boggling in so many ways, that people even still listen to him. In my mind, hasn’t he already proved himself unreliable?? Listen, what he says drives me crazy but I can ignore it. I can ignore him. What I can’t ignore is that he says the things he does in the name of conservatism. Even worse to me is how he says things in the name of religion. And I did say religion and not God. That was not me being politically correct. Honestly, I don’t care that much about being politically correct. What I care about is truth. So, here’s some truth that I know. A few things that I believe as truth, despite what Limbaugh and others are saying.

First truth: The God I know…He who is and was and is to come…He’s a God of love and not hate.

He would never approve of someone calling another hateful names or suggesting they videotape their personal lives so we can have payment…It’s gross and disgusting. While God is a Just Judge, He is a God of LOVE! He is not pleased by the hate spewing back and forth. I believe it hurts His heart. Honestly, it hurts mine. My heart breaks that women have to worry about someone judging them because they believe they should have the right to birth control and expect it to be covered by their health insurance. Again, it’s gross.

A woman wanting to be on birth control and wanting her health insurance to cover it does not seem like a crazy idea to me. I’m a conservative. I’m a wife. I’m a mother of 3 (and I’m CHOOSING to be done with 3!). Before I was a wife and mother of 3, I was a Christian. I am still a Christian. All of this and I still think women should be able to get their birth control. Because, honestly, I don’t care if you choose to have children or not to have children. I know there’s more to this whole birth control story than what I am touching on. Again, I don’t care. I refuse to get into a debate on abortion with you so leave it alone with me. This is not what I am discussing right now. Do I think you should wait until marriage? Yes. I think that is probably the best way to stay emotionally and physically healthy. I also believe that is what God wants of us. That being said…you have free will for a reason. I’m not going to beat you over the head with it. I’m going to speak what I believe is truth and let you make a decision for yourself. I’m not going to call you names or spew hate on you because you don’t agree with me or choose my way. Good grief! What does that possibly accomplish? I mean, really??

Second truth: It is not my job to judge you. It is my job to love you and be kind and speak truth. Again, all while being loving.

Third truth: We are not all alike.

Thank the Lord we are all made different and unique. I don’t want it any other way. I want to live and learn from each other. Please, please, don’t lump me in with others just because I claim the title conservative. Because I am so much more than that. And my version of conservative is probably very different from someone else’s. I don’t want to be part of a lump. I want to be me. And I want you to see me and hear me as me.

I was cringing yesterday. I am still cringing and my skin is crawling every time I see Limbaugh’s name today. I am conservative, and I am embarrassed. There really are more people like me than him. Unfortunately, those like him seem to yell the loudest and those like me sit quietly, cringing. I couldn’t sit quietly by this time. I’m tired of being in the lump and feeling muddy by somebody else spewing hate.

I speak up now. We are not all the same.
We. Are. Not.
Run from the hate.

Staring Up,