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So…today is a huge day in the Simmon household! We have a big announcement to make! (Drumroll PLEASE!!)

The Husband has decided to join me, for just a little while, in this blogging stint!

While I regularly write for 4 literary websites, The Husband stays as far away as he can. He does, however, regularly read many of the books I have on our shelves. And, he definitely has his own opinions about these books. I have been wanting him to read a series that I have fallen in love with, and he has always smiled (patronizingly) at me and said NO. But…after enough asking…bugging, wheedling, whining…The Husband has FINALLY said YES!! Not only is he going to read the books that are out so far…but he’s going to BLOG his opinions! Right here! On this very blog!!

Quick! Look Up! Do you see pigs flying??? 😉

So what is this wonderful series of books he is going to read?

The Tiger Series by Colleen Houck.

There are 3 books out so far and the 4th is in the works. They are:
Tiger’s Curse
Tiger’s Quest
Tiger’s Voyage
Tiger’s Destiny
(Coming Soon!!)

One of the websites I write for is http://thetigerseries.com so this is a series near and dear to my heart. Am I a bit nervous about what he will think? A bit. But I also believe in Colleen’s story and so I know he will get caught up in it too. I do promise you, though, that he will be completely honest as to his opinions-even if I really don’t want him to be at times. He’s not going to hold anything back.

I hope you will join him here on the blog as he reads the books and writes about it in his blog posts,

“In His Own Words”!

He will be sitting down every Thursday night to put his fingers to the keyboard. Maybe…if you’re lucky…he’ll do a podcast here and there. But, probably don’t hold your breath for that. We’ll just be surprised together if he takes it that far. 🙂

And thanks in advance for putting up with our silliness. I’m really excited about The Husband’s entrance into “my world”! Make him feel welcome friends! Maybe another miracle will happen, if all goes well, and he’ll agree to do it again. Seriously, don’t hold your breath for this right now. LOL!

Staring Up,