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Oh…The Husband is BACK!! You don’t want to miss what he has to say this week. Fair Warning!!! SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK! 🙂

When last you heard from me, I was fully interested in the story that Colleen Houck is telling.  Even though I had some serious issues with Kelsey, the main character, I was still feeling that Tiger’s Curse was turning into a book that I could truly enjoy.

So…it’s been a very busy week here and, to be honest, I barely had time to read throughout the week.  Feeling the pressure to meet my blogging deadline, I finally sat down this evening and got to reading.   I have to tell you that sitting here right now I am quite frustrated.  “Why?” you ask.  I am frustrated because the story has finally become really, really interesting.  All I want to do is put down this laptop and pick up my book.  But…duty calls…so here we go.

I haven’t had any problem telling you about how much I didn’t really care for Kelsey up to this point.  She was too girly…too dreamy eyed…frankly too shallow of a character me to care about.  So it’s only fair for me to disclose that I may be changing my mind.   After following Kelsey and Ren into the cave of Kanheri with all of its traps and dangers, I am starting to feel differently about Kelsey.  She handled nearly drowning and the poison spikes with courage and strength and very little of that teenage girlyness (I know…that’s not a real word) that I disliked so much for the first nine chapters.  I suppose there’s something about near death experiences that endear her to me a bit.

Anyway…so Kelsey and Ren make it through the cave and discover that their journey toward breaking the curse is far from over.  Durga’s prophecy sounds foreboding – which makes me keep reading.  This book has definitely taken a turn toward action and excitement – a must have for this male reader.

On a final note…I am also starting not to be so annoyed with the relationship between Kelsey and Ren.  That’s all I’m going to say about that.

That’s it…that’s all I can handle…I’m signing off so I can go back to reading.

See you next week.