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Well, the first prompt of the Story 101 Class I’m taking was this:

Think about it :: what is it that may inhibit your goals these next ten weeks? How can you manage these obstacles ahead of time?

I have to be honest. I burst out laughing as I even began to think about it. Because if I choose it, there is a long laundry list of things that could inhibit my goals over the next ten weeks. LONG…

But the key word in that above section is “CHOOSE”. I make choices every day that might be a time suck. While I have to be on social media every day because of my job, do I really have to be on there that extra hour just because I’m putting off doing the next thing on my list? Ummmm….no. Or all of those shows I’ve DVR’d (I never watch anything live anymore). I can choose to create before I sit down to watch Survivor, right?

So I need to choose to stay focused and get all the things done and then reward myself. It’s how I work most of my days. I make a list every day, I work that list every day, and I set goals within that list every day. When I make it to the first goal mark, I reward myself…maybe it’s writing for 30 minutes to an hour…maybe it’s going on a walk…Or maybe it’s a quick catnap. Sometimes it just means I get to eat lunch! No, I’m not joking about that last one.

And that brings me to the next thought I have on this. I’m a go-getter, serious Type-A personality. I tend to go and go and go until I collapse or someone forces me to take a break. But I had a reminder from a dear friend of mine in the past couple of days. Here’s the gist of what she said to me:

Sometimes you have to say no. You can’t forget to relax and rest. Those are important things too.

I’m paraphrasing there, but I can hear her voice echoing these words in my head over and over. And she’s right. These things are just as important as getting ALL THE THINGS on the list finished. For me, because of my personality, it can be an accomplishment just to take a couple of hours to spend with my family, to watch a movie and snuggle up with the 3 Creatures and inhale their scent. Even if it is now a much stinkier, boy scent. They’re getting bigger. The older ones don’t want to snuggle as often. I take what I can get. LOL

So, the only real obstacle I can see is myself. Success for me with this Story 101 class will be soaking it in and allowing myself to rest and truly create instead of just doing all the time. Because there’s a difference between creating and doing for me. When I create, my soul is fed. When I do, well…to be honest, my ego is fed a bit. I feel accomplished and proud. But creating…creating brings rest to weary bones. It’s a life source for me.

My goal? To find balance between creating and doing…