Well, crap.

Yes, those were the two words that I thought when I saw the next assignment. The only two words I could come up with honestly when I read the next thing Elora wanted me to consider and write about in my Story 101 class. And all day long, I have been pondering the topic. Do you know what the result has been?

The same two words…Well, crap.

What does she want to know? What is it I’m reaching toward. This should be easy for me. I mean, I do a trillion things (not really) so I should have a trillion answers (ummmm…no) for that question, right? My issue is that I have compartmentalized my life quite a bit. I have a different answer for each “department” of my life.

But as I pondered today and thought about this topic, I realized that, ultimately, it all comes down to one thing. I’m reaching toward affecting people in a positive manner. That’s it.

I want people to read my stuff and be changed. I want authors to work with InkSlinger and be changed. I want my friendships to be deep and full, and I want those involved, including myself, to be changed. For the better of course.

It is one of my greatest joys to see others coming into their own, living their dreams, seeing their destinies come to fruition. To see them come to the realization that they are made for SO MUCH MORE. Because you are, you know. You are made for more than just wishing for the next thing.

And while I’ve known these are things that mean a ton to me. Things that I hold dear daily in conversations and interactions. I’ve never thought about it in regards to my own storytelling. But I guess it makes sense. Some of my favorite books are those that have a really phenomenal story arc of redemption, healing, rising above things the characters may not have had control over… I guess it makes sense that I would want this in my own stories as well, right?

So, I could be very literal in this answer and give you a list of things for each department of my life. However, I’m not going to do that. I’m going to leave you with the above and the fact that I still don’t have a concrete answer to the question asked of me. I’m sure you could see that just by the rambling mess this post is.

What does it come down to?

I don’t know yet.

So there you have it. That’s it. I still read the question and think two words.

Well, crap.