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tumblr_mjt0yze5pY1s8r3zqo1_500What’s your “Leap”?

We all have one, I think. The one thing you wish-beyond-hope, don’t-have-the-words-to-truly-describe-it, it’s-burning-in-you-but-saying-it-out-loud-scares-the-crap-out-of-you that you want to take the leap and do. It’s in there. Even if you’ve long since buried it with all those grown-up LIFE things that tend to get in the way. I believe it’s still in there.

Maybe you pull it out of the rubble of other dreams lost and failures that were supposed to have been at times, dust it off and turn it over in your hands to play the what-might-have-been game before you shove it back under the pile.

Wouldn’t want anyone to know, right?

Or maybe your mountain is a pile of unexpected things that gathered and mounted up before you even knew what hit you-unexpected medical circumstances (and all things that can come with that), marriage, children, divorce, regular bills to pay, sports practices and games, the car pick-up line, making lunches, cleaning the house…you know, the day to day things that happen as you grow up because that’s life. But none of those things were there when you first had the dream. And now the dream feels a bit unattainable.

Or maybe there’s only one thing keeping you from being honest to your “Leap”.


And that ugly bastard can have a ton of side effects to go with it, can’t it? The whispers in your ear that you aren’t good enough, have enough experience, have enough money, time, whatever…those whispers that no one else hears but you. They alone can be debilitating. Add into that your own excuses or procrastination (yep-I said it. PROCRASTINATION.). Add into that the audible whispers that you fear hearing, if you were to actually say your “Leap” out loud, from family and friends and that’s enough to shut you right on down for the next 10-20 years…

Until you feel that same stirring in your heart and soul again. And you yank it back out from all the piles that are still there and growing. And by this time you think, well, it’s too late. Dreams are for the young, right?


Dreams. Leaps. Those are for people with breath. Those are for the living. They are scary as all get out, make-your-heart-stop-because-OMG-I’m-really-trying-this bliss.

Those are for you.

So what are you doing right now? Are you a wisher? Or a Leaper?

Leap, friend, Leap.