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This week is a short one because it’s really a time of self-reflection. It focuses on one question (well….maybe two put together) and that’s it. Are you ready for it?

WHY??? What’s it mean to you??

That’s it. Why do you do what you do? What does it mean to you to actually get to do it?

I think sometimes, especially when we are making our art our business as well, we lose sight of the reasons we do what we do. There are so many distractions and yes, voices, working their way into our day to day lives that it’s easy to get things muddled up. Because of this, I think it’s important to sit back at times and remember WHY we do…whatever we do.

Is there a right answer to this question? No.

Is there one answer to this question? Not usually.

Is there a wrong answer to this question? Unless the answer ends in physical, emotional or mental harm to you or someone else… Nope. Not that I can think of.



But you did have a reason as to why you starting writing, painting, singing, playing, acting… It may have started when you were itsy bitsy and then turned into something else as you got older, but you still have reasons.

So what are those reasons? Why do you do it? Putting your art out there for all the world to see and judge and criticize and praise and roll their eyes over and squee over and lose themselves in can be such a roller coaster of emotions and highs and lows. Why do it? Why put yourself through it?

Long hours with little to no sleep, or forgetting to regularly eat, or physical aches and pains, or emotional aches and pains, and everyone else’s opinions (those that matter and those that shouldn’t matter) coming at you… WHY???? Why do you do it? What’s it mean to you?

Because there was a time when what you were doing was just a dream. And then you put action to that dream. You worked and took steps and paid money for training and equipment and gave up time with friends and family and more just to make that dream start to come into fruition. What were your reasons then? Your reasons for dreaming it and your reasons for taking action? WHY?

Make a list and remember your WHY. Because there will be moments, and that moment could be now, that you need to remind yourself. I don’t think I need to go through a description of all of those roller coaster moments. You’re living them right now. What you do probably need is a reminder of WHY.

Because your WHY is just as important as your HOW, WHEN, WHAT and WHERE.

You’ve got this, friends.

Staring Up,